Satellite Beach Founders Day 2016

We were invited to participate with our personal electric vehicles again this year at the Satellite Beach Founders Day parade and event.  In the parade we had a few EVs including our newest member’s BMW i8.  Needless to say, that car got the most oohs and ahhs as it drove by the spectators.  Before,  during, and after the parade we had our table set up at the David R Schechter Center and several electric cars on display for everyone to see and compare and ask all the questions they wanted.  Everyone that spoke to us and had their questions answered thanked us for the quick “EV Education”.  Many people commented that they didn’t know there were electric cars like the Chevy Volt and Ford Fusion Energi that have a gasoline generator under the hood that automatically starts after the battery runs out.  Of course the biggest attraction was the Tesla Model X with its falcon wing doors open.  Almost everyone agreed that it should be able to fly.  Keep checking our upcoming events page to see where we’ll be set up next and bring your electric vehicle questions!

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