June 2017 Meet up recap

This month we met at a new restaurant, the Crafty Crab in West Melbourne.  We introduced our newest members and discussed the latest EV news.  A few of us even compared notes on how little maintenance we’ve had in the past year or two.  Most everyone just talked about rotating the tires and refilling the windshield washer fluid.

A few of us noticed that there were many signatures and scribblings on the wall in the restaurant.  So we asked if we could put our group name on the wall.  They let us!  Then the waitress told us it was OK to draw on the white part of the wall where everyone seemed to be avoiding.  So one of our better-art-inclined members drew up our logo right on the wall!  We’ll see how many people it brings in with some google searches to find our website.

We handed out a few more official blue polo tshirts for the newer members so we’re looking ever more ready for upcoming events with the public Q&A on driving electric.

We’re only a few months out from the National Drive Electric Week so make sure to sign up to attend today!  We need the numbers to show the huge interest in getting to see and test drive and ride in electric vehicles right in your neighborhood.  If you haven’t signed up yet make sure to go here and get registered:  https://driveelectricweek.org/event-attend.php?eventid=917

Today’s meeting also resulted in us coming up with an idea for our website/Facebook: Owner Stories!  If you have an EV just take a picture standing next to your car then send it in with a short blurb on why you chose to drive electric, why you picked your specific make/model, and what you like about it.  We’ll post them all on our website and on our Facebook page.  Once you get it ready send it to our official email: spacecoastevdrivers@gmail.com.

Here’s a few pictures from today’s meet up and a link to the full album:

20170604_145700 20170604_151206 20170604_151543 20170604_152847_001 20170604_153345

Link to the full album:  https://goo.gl/photos/jkFdPjFpesYBFj666