August’s EV Event Recap

This past Sunday we held August’s EV Event at The Mansion in downtown Melbourne. The Mansion is walking distance to the city hall CHAdeMO Level 3 fast charger,  there are no L2 chargers in the area yet. We were able to park almost all of our EVs right out front which was convenient for a nice photo opp.

Owners of electric vehicles pose for a photo
SCEV Drivers line up for a photo in front of The Mansion restaurant in Melbourne, FL

Overall we had another great turnout of EV drivers for the first Sunday  meet up.  When we arrived we saw a blue Ford C-MAX Energi in the parking lot and wondered who’s it was and if they were there for the meeting. It was later determined that they were not attending the meet up so we left them one of our cards in their driver window.  Hopefully they’ll email us back and join the group! In a fun coincidence we found out our waiter also drives a Ford C-MAX Energi so of course we gave him one of our cards to join the group.

During the meeting we showed the new group logo to everyone. To see both styles check out the Facebook page.


Brenna helped design the logo and we had positive feedback on it. Almost everyone agreed they would pay for a polo shirt with our logo and possibly a t-shirt for National Drive Electric Week with  logos and the event date on it.  We are looking into tee and polo shirt pricing so get ready to answer the “what size shirt do you wear” question we’ll be sending out soon.

Yellow Tesla Roaster
Tesla Roadster at the SCEV Drivers August meet up.

We saw a lot of familiar faces this time around and we finally met Jordan T., one of the newest members and had fun checking his Tesla Roadster.  Very sharp!  While we didn’t know what he looked like he made it easy for us by sporting  his Tesla gear.

During the event we went over all the National Drive Electric Week Melbourne details we have so far. Brenna continues to work hard on the event  plan and coordination aspects. Once everyone was caught up on how far along we are with the planning Brenna received a round of applause for all her hard work.  We only have one more first Sunday of the month meet up before the event which will take place Sunday September 7th from 2-4 PM, location TBD.

We will also have another volunteer meeting just before the event so we can go over the final “battle plan” so everyone knows exactly how the event should go before we set up  bright and early on the 20th at 830 am at Melbourne City Hall.  Remember, if you haven’t signed up to Attend and to Volunteer for Melbourne’s event you should do so here.

Nine electric vehicle drivers pose for a photo sitting around a table at The Mansion
Current and future EV drivers pose for a photo during the SCEV Drivers August meet up at The Mansion in Melbourne, FL.

We hope to see you in September!