Earth Day 2016 at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

The Enchanted Forest Sanctuary invited us out again to their Earth Day event.  For such a small park we must have talked to over 100 people!  This was the third year we brought some electric cars out to show and answer all the great questions from those attending the event.  Everyone agreed the weather couldn’t be more perfect and it was indeed a really great day to show and talk about electric cars.  There were at least two people who’s mind were really changed and might be looking to buy an EV really soon!  Even though we aren’t salespeople trying to sell cars we are very happy when we can change someone’s mind and really show them how happy we are with our cars.  I think once people see all the different makes and models available and their differences and similarities it helps them imagine an EV in their daily commute.  Hopefully we can do even more events like this in the future and answer even more questions from everyone!

Here’s some pics taken from the day:
20160423_102000 20160423_102037_002 20160423_102421 20160423_133757

Here’s a link to the full album with lots of photos: