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First Sunday of the Month: Time to Meet Up

Group with MayorOur first, first Sunday of the Month meet up will be this Sunday May 4 from 2-4 pm.

We’ll plan to park at the level 3 charger at Melbourne City Hall then we can walk over to Meg O’Malleys for a snack while we talk.
We’ll be switching up between the level 3 charger at city hall this month then we’ll met up at the level 2 charger at Eau Gallie Library next month and have our drink and snack at some restaurant around there.
Don’t let me forget to give everyone a few of our business cards that you all can hand out to those interested in EVs or to anyone you see with an EV that still needs to join!
I added everyone to the Google Calendar event so let me know how well that works for you getting the event into your own calendar.

Party for the Planet

Don’t forget that we will be on site at the Brevard Zoo for their Party for the Planet today from 10-3 talking to local folks about the benefits of driving an electric vehicle.

We hope to see you there!

Eight electric vehicle information sheets and handouts laying on a table
Electric vehicle information sheets for visitors to the booth