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NDEW 2015 Proclamation Accepted

Tonight we accepted the signed proclamation from the vice mayor, Dominick P. Montanaro, of the city of Satellite Beach at the city council meeting.  He stood with us at the podium in front of everyone and read the entire thing before thanking us and letting us know he will see us at the National Drive Electric Week event on September 19 from 10 am to 4 pm.  Now the event is very official and shaping up to be a great event with 16 electric cars signed up to be there with even more signing up soon.  Don’t forget to go register to attend the event today and tell everyone you know to sign up as well!  Click here to go sign up at our official event page.




You can also watch the NDEW 2015 Proclamation Acceptance on video!

June’s Monthly Member Meetup

We had another great monthly meetup for June, 2015.  This time it was at the Mansion in downtown Melbourne.  Those that needed a charge for their electric cars used the DC fast charger at Melbourne City Hall or the Melbourne BMW free charger.  We had 17 people at our table all talking about EVs!  There were a few people that came just to talk about electric cars because they wanted to learn all they could before they bought one.  We even gave them a test drive in a Chevy Volt!  There was discussion on National Drive Electric Week, the movie “Pump”, and if we could possibly have a future monthly meeting at FIT in the Panther Dining Hall.  We also talked about the new charging stations that are at the Brevard Medical City on Wickham Road.  The new public Google group / email list was covered and we all agreed to share it with everyone we know that’s interested in all of our upcoming events or other important, EV related news pertaining to Brevard County, FL.  Even though they weren’t able to attend the monthly meeting we still announced the four new members we added in May.  That brings our total members to  46 and 32 total electric vehicles that cover the following models:

RAV 4 EV 2
Nissan Leaf 8
Mitsubishi iMiEV 1
Ford Fusion Energi 1
Chevy Volt 11
Ford Focus EV 2
Tesla Roadster 1
Tesla Model S 3
Ford CMax Energi 2
Plug in Prius 1


We are looking forward to our next month’s meeting in July!  Since the first Sunday in July is the day after the fourth, we’ll make July’s meeting the SECOND Sunday and have it on the 12th.  It will be at the Panther Dining Hall at FIT from 2-4 pm.  We’ll see you there!

Wheels, Wings & Woofs Car Show

Back to back Saturday car shows!

At the end of the Honor Flight car show Mopars of Brevard invited us to the Wheels, Wings & Woofs car show the very next Saturday on May 30th, 2015 at the Baer Air hangar at the Melbourne International Airport.   This car show benefited a different charity – this time it was the Pets for Patriots charity.  They hook veterans up with homeless pets to help save their life.  These pets are adult dogs and cats that are most in need of a home.  They also work with veterinarians to give a 10% for the life of the pet as well as discounts on food, toys, and other essentials.

We brought a different set of cars to this event with: A Tesla Model S, Chevy Volt, Toyota Rav 4 EV, Toyota Prius Plugin, and two Nissan Leafs.  Again, we stood out as very different from the other gasoline powered show cars so we drew lots of attention.  Some people thought we were just regular cars and wondered why we were in the show.  After explaining that these were all electric cars almost every one of them responded with, “Really? But they look like normal cars!”  It seems that lots of people expect electric cars to look crazy or dorky in some way.  From all the compliments we got from passers by and other show attendees I’d say they were pretty impressed.  Especially when we explained how little we’ve spent on fuel / electricity over the past year.

Everyone was most impressed by the Tesla Model S of course.  With the hood open and the rear hatch up, we had fun playing the “where’s the engine?” game.  After explaining to a few people that the motor is between the rear wheels, the size of a watermelon, has about 3 moving parts, and can get the car from 0-60 MPH in about 4 seconds their eyes lit up.  “That’s amazing!” they said.  They were REALLY thrown back after we explained how all the owners that bought the P85D model went to sleep one night a few weeks ago with their car doing 0-60 sprints in 3.2 seconds and woke up the next day doing 0-60 in 3.1 seconds thanks to an over-the-air software upgrade Tesla Motors pushed out to all those cars overnight.  That REALLY is the future of automobiles in every sense.

We had a great time answering all the questions everyone had about driving electric and showing them how it works every day for us for the past several years.  Hopefully we changed a few minds about electric cars and we think we did a great job educating the masses about EVs just as our group is meant to do!

Here’s a few of the pictures from the car show:

20150530_101207  20150530_101435 20150530_113901 20150530_114009 20150530_101846

To see the rest of the pictures from the show, take a look at our Wheels, Wings, & Woofs Car Show album on Facebook.

Honor Flight Car Show

We had a huge turnout at today’s car show put on by the Classic Reflections Car Club benefiting the Honor Flight charity!  This is a great cause that gives all expense paid trips to veterans to go see the memorial that was built for them. The Seaside Centre plaza in Indialantic, FL was filled to the brim with classic cars, hot rods, supercharged road beasts, and fancy show cars.  There were also two antique fire trucks there still able to pump water and save the day if needed!  The nearby Pizza Hut even had a stack of coupons for everyone at the show to go eat lunch there and 20% of every purchase went straight to the Honor Flight charity as well.  Judging by the long lines we waited in to get our own pizza it was easy to see lots of money went to the charity today.

We stuck out with our five electric cars against the sea of gasoline powered cars.  This caused all of the visitors that walked by to really take notice and ask questions – which we love to answer.  One of our members brought his bright yellow Tesla Roadster that got most of the attention from people – and cameras.  We even added two new members to our group today: one drives a Chevy Volt and the other a Tesla Model S.  So now we have an even larger fleet of electric cars to roll up to restaurants and shopping malls to show them how much more business they could attract if they were to install charging stations.

Here’s a few photo highlights from the day:


Here’s a link to the entire photo album on our Facebook page.

Melbourne Beach Founders Day Event Recap

We had a GREAT time answering all the questions from the public about our personal electric cars at the Melbourne Beach Founders Day event on May 2, 2015.  The weather was the complete opposite from last year and was a perfect day with plenty of sun.  We put our cars next to some of the best classic cars in the area where the car show is usually had.  We were very surprised to see that we brought more electric cars than there were gasoline only cars.  There had to be at least 500 – 800 people that passed by, checked out our cars under the hood, read our informational signs, took some of our business cards and educational handouts, or talked with us directly.  Most people had the same questions like how far do they go per charge and how long does it take to charge.  They we all very surprised when we explained the differences in all the available models with up to 270 miles on one charge, as well as plug in hybrid EVs (PHEV) that have an on board gasoline generator that keeps the batteries charged after you run the batteries down to drive as far as you want and just fill it with gas and keep going like a normal car!

About ten people asked us if we worked for the car companies.  We always get this because we are so passionate about the cars and so very knowledgeable about them.  Of course we explain how we’ve just been driving these cars for years as our daily driver and really enjoy it.  The best way to explain it is with a quote: “When you are in love you want to tell the world.” – Carl Sagan.

Here’s some pictures we took during the day:

20150502_142821 20150502_142800 20150502_142748 20150502_142734 20150502_142714 20150502_142655 20150502_142647 20150502_142633 20150502_142622 20150502_142616 20150502_133919 20150502_132652 20150502_132632 20150502_132629 20150502_132617 20150502_132559 20150502_132549 20150502_132538 20150502_132520 20150502_132450 20150502_132433 20150502_132415 20150502_132355 20150502_132325 20150502_132257 20150502_132252 20150502_132239 20150502_132227 20150502_122817 20150502_105745 20150502_105728 20150502_105723 20150502_105701 20150502_105644 20150502_105627 20150502_105610 20150502_105558


Earth Day at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

There was only room for two of our EVs at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary so we decided to bring a 100% electric car (Tesla Roadster) and a plug in hybrid (Chevy Volt) to show the differences and similarities between them. There were lots of visitors that came out with their families for the face painting, fossil digging, local plantlife education, recycling programs, have their picture taken with Smokey the Bear, and to see and talk to many other earth friendly exhibitors. The Space Coast EV Drivers were there to do our standard Q&A session with the public and let everyone know about the many benefits of driving electric. Hardly anyone would believe how little electricity it takes to power an electric car (thanks to the incredible efficiency of electric motors). We had the data and spreadsheets to show them based on our real world, daily driving. People kept asking if we worked for the car companies and were trying to sell them cars. We always laugh and have to explain that we really just love our EVs and want to tell the world! Everyone needs to know the option is there for anyone (especially with used Chevy Volts in the $13,000 range!) We explained how a 100% electric car might be best for a household with two or more cars where the fully electric car would be used for 99% of your daily driving and the other gas or hybrid car would be used for long trips. If you are a one car household, a plug in hybrid EV (PHEV) would be a great choice since you could do 90% of your daily driving on 100% electric then the gasoline generator would automatically start when the batteries run out so that you’re never stranded (something people worry about called “range anxiety” that most EV drivers hardly run into) and you can go on long trips by just filling up with gas along the way without worrying about waiting for a charge. You can plug in whenever you get where you’re going! Lots of people still weren’t aware of that option and we filled them in with all the PHEV models from Ford, Chevy, BMW, and Porche (to name a few) and explained the differences in all electric range, price, etc. We also told them how they
The weather cooperated and it never rained once. It was quite the opposite with the sun really shining and making it a really great Earth Day celebration.

Here’s a few photos we took while we were there.













March Monthly Meetup Recap

We had another great meetup on our first Sunday of the month meetup for March.  This time it was at the Big Mansion restaurant in Melbourne.  We had a record number of members show up causing us to run out of seats for our table and bring in more tables and chairs to hold us all.  I think our final count was 22 people.  And what a fun group to have lunch with!  We talked about everything EV including: the upcoming Formula E electric car race in Miami, the National Drive Electric Week event coming up in September, introduced ourselves to the new members (there were four!), and handed out business cards, buttons, and the new club member window decals to everyone.  By putting these decals in our windows we’ll know not to put a business card on each other’s EVs when we see them parked around town.  One of the ways we find other EV drivers is by putting our business card in the driver door window of EVs we see parked as we do our normal shopping and visiting all over Brevard County.  We hope to see even more members at the next monthly meetup on the first Sunday of April.

11014993_764072947017764_4268582193411385587_n 11015100_764072957017763_4935374526297365789_n


Formula E Miami

It’s here! After a long wait from the announcement that formula e was going to be coming to Miami, FL the weekend is upon us!

Formula e Beijing
Formula e Beijing

Months ago when we first heard that the race was going to be in two U.S. locations we were very excited to find out Miami was one of them. Being in central Florida, Miami is only a 3 hour drive south down 95.  Formula e logoThe Formula e race series brings racing back to Miami, something that depending on who you talk to has been missed for a few years. When the tickets were finally released for the Miami formula e race Josh and I were trying to figure out which seats we should get. Because it is an all day event, and the fact that despite living in Florida Josh and I rarely go out in the sun for more than an hour or two at a time we decided to go with the sky-box seats.  I convinced him using the argument that there would be shade and “free” food. Well 3 days ago we received an e-mail from formula e hospitality that the tickets we booked have been changed and are now going to be American Airlines Arena Suites tickets. ticketsTechnically it said “upgraded” but from the new map it looks like they did away with the original plan for the sky box and have really just switched the location. Either way it is an indoor/outdoor space that is catered and will have good views and shade. Hopefully it will be worth it because I had to trade in my yearly vacation for a 3 day 2 night trip to Miami to include these fancy tickets and an outrageously expensive hotel. Bye Bye dream summer in some foreign country! Plus gates open at 7 am so its not like I will be sleeping in either. For those of you who are going to make it down make sure to look for us! I will be the dork with the go-pro on a selfie stick trying to capture every moment in the sky box with all the fancy people! See you there!


Florida Tech Res Life Sustainability Event

1901116_749705408454518_8502745762346830147_n 10443359_749705528454506_4816436299826029037_n 10277491_749705931787799_3612331714501421647_nWe were invited out to bring some electric cars to showcase at the end of the Res Life Sustainability event at the Florida Tech campus.  We brought a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Toyota RAV 4 EV, Toyota Plug in Prius, and the hit of the night was the Tesla Roadster.  The students were encouraged to take selfies and pictures with the EVs and use the event’s hashtag to mark them on their social media network of choice.  The bright yellow, super sporty Tesla Roadster was by far the number one car picked for their photo ops.  It also helped that it was placed directly under the one outdoor floodlight as well…

We set up our tent and table with the usual information and handouts right by the door where the students would exit the building at the end of the tour.  Almost every one of them had questions about driving electric and we were able to answer them all.  Normally we would give test rides to those that wanted to but the small space in the parking lot didn’t allow easy driving in and out.  We made sure to give out our business cards so they could follow us on our website for the next event so they could catch a test ride then.  Some of us reminded the students that they could always drop by their local dealership for a test drive and that the Space Coast EV Drivers is only an email away for any questions they come up with that stumps the salespeople!

Lots of fun was had in our sometimes deep discussions with some very good questions from the students and the free Chipotle tacos were crazy delicious to boot.  We are looking forward to many more events like this in the future.  If you have an event that could benefit from a Q&A session with actual EV owners and enthusiasts feel free to email us today!

-posted by Josh Pritt


Two events in one day!

Now that our group’s name is getting out from all of the various events we’ve done and thanks to Florida Today’s coverage of the National Drive Electric Week event we had at Melbourne City Hall back in September we were invited to bring some electric vehicles to two events on the same day!  Luckily our group has grown big enough to be able to easily split the effort and bring enough EVs to each event to show to the public. Both of these events were on Saturday November 15, 2014 – America Recycles Day.  There were lots of events going on all over the country that day to show all the environmental groups, clubs, and businesses that are helping to make the world a little better in that “every little bit adds up” way.  The first event was the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary event in Titusville from 10 am to 3 pm.  This one only had room for two cars so we brought a Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf to show the two different types of plug in car.  The 100% electric Leaf was there to show people they can completely get rid of their gas bill and add very little to their power bill (especially if you have solar panels on your roof!).  The plug in hybrid EV (PHEV) Volt was there so the public could see that there is an option for those with longer commutes or one car households they could go “mostly electric” then have the backup “range extender” gasoline generator to take the car 320 more miles after the 40 mile battery is spent.  They can then just get another 9 gallons of gas and continue on their journey like a normal car.  There were plenty of people that were interested in both and we were there to answer all of their questions from our owner experience of driving these cars every day for years.

20141115_095507 20141115_095324 20141115_095331 20141115_095337 20141115_095356 20141115_095410 20141115_095418










The second event was the Ecoliving Jubilee at Kiwanis Island at Merritt Island from 3 to 6 pm.  We had a large quarter circle area of the parking lot so we were able to bring 12 cars!  There was a great variety to show a large selection of the options to everyone to fit their various needs and commute distances.  We had at least one of the following cars there: Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Toyota Plug in Prius, and a Ford Focus EV.  Even though this was a larger event area there were fewer people that showed up overall.  We were still able to answer lots of questions from the several people that did stop by.  There are a few people that might be looking to buy a new EV soon.  When they do, we hope they’ll join our group and help us all spread the word on the savings and great driving performance we all enjoy in our cars too!

20141115_163809 20141115_163838 20141115_161105 20141115_161115 20141115_161144 20141115_161154 20141115_163507 20141115_163631 20141115_163735