July Monthly EV Meetup Recap

For the first Sunday of July we decided to meet at the old Moon Hut, now La Fiesta in Cape Canaveral.  Since the city has decided to install FREE to use charging stations at City Hall, the Public Library, and Manatee Park, we wanted to take some photos to show them just how much extra business they are bringing into town.  This is one of the main ideas every business and apartment/condo owner needs to know.  If you install charging stations you will attract more customers.  These customers will also end up spending more money at your business/restaurant because they will wait around a little longer than others to wait for their car to charge.  This means they might buy an extra coffee or get dessert where other customers would have normally left already.  Then, once your competitors are also installing charging stations then you can install FREE to use stations to attract more customers than your competitors.  Even if a car was plugged in for 4 hours it would only use about $2 of electricity.  So by giving away that $2 you would get back much more than that in extra business.  This is way better than the money you would spend for advertising and marketing and get even better results!  Once you put your charger on plugshare.com EV drivers will find you and single you out over your competitors – especially if planning a trip and need to stay at your hotel.  They will always pick one with a place to charge while they sleep.  For more information about charging stations check our info page here.

The other big thing to talk about was to get started on advertising and getting the word out on National Drive Electric Week!  Don’t forget to sign up to attend and tell everyone you know to sign up to attend as well.  We have almost 100 EVs in our club so it would be awesome if we could break 80 cars this year.  Go to our official event page to sign up today!

Here’s a link to the full photo album showing all the different EVs we had that day.

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