Satellite Beach Founders Day

We had a great time talking to hundreds of people about electric vehicles at the Satellite Beach Founders Day event.  There were vendors, crafts and food all inside the Schechter Center and in the whole parking lot.  We had four EVs on display today (out of 86 total cars in our club).  We didn’t have enough to roll quietly in the parade around town like we did last time, but it was still a successful event.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised to hear how the Chevy Volt can drive on $18 per month of electricity and about 4 gallons of gas every 3 months (if you take longer trips).  They also were delighted when we showed them just how many charging stations there are on the map.  Zero people knew that West Melbourne was getting a Tesla Supercharger as we spoke.  Hopefully, we can get the local news to cover a grand opening and really explain how much extra business it will bring to the city from out of town Tesla drivers as they shop and eat while waiting for a charge.  Remember to check our upcoming events page to see where we’ll be next to see our cars and ask us questions.  Or just email us directly with your questions!

Here’s a link to the full photo album with pictures from the event:

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