Ocean Reef Beach Festival 2016

We were invited to bring our electric cars out to the Ocean Reef Beach (ORB) Festival again this year.  We had one of our most interesting looking cars park at the SemaConnect charging station at the main event area at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Beach:


Then we had the other cars park on the corner of the overflow parking lot at Desoto and A1A just like last year:

20161203_141301 20161203_163914 20161203_141127 20161203_164009

Some cars came in at the beginning and then left after others came in later to park in their spot. We talked to at least 100 people just at the overflow lot and many hundred more at the main event.  Lots of people learned about electric cars today!  We even gave a test ride in one our Chevy Volts.  And once again their mind was forever changed after driving it.  They admitted to wanting to get an electric car for their next vehicle.

The weather couldn’t have been nicer and we had some really nice clouds to keep the direct sun off of our heads.  It made for a pretty spectacular day and we look forward to next year’s ORB.

Keep a lookout on our Upcoming Events page to see when our next event will be so you can come out and take a look at and even sit in and ask questions about our electric cars.

Here’s the album full of all the pictures from the event: