Ocean Reef Beach Festival

We had a great time braving the wind at the Ocean Reef Beach Festival in Satellite Beach today.  The event was full of attendees all day long from 10 am until well after it was over at 5 pm.  Since we had our cars set up in the overflow parking lot at Desoto and A1A we got to talk to almost everyone as they walked by to wait for the light to cross the street.  There were lots of good questions and plenty of answers from our EV owners.  We also had one of our cars parked at the brand new electric car charging station at Pelican Beach Park the City of Satellite Beach just installed a month ago.  With that car we were able to answer everyone’s questions about charging stations and show them how these stations are popping up everywhere with the Plugshare app.  We hope everyone had a great time that visited and talked with our members and enjoyed the beach and didn’t get beat up too much by the wind we had all day long.

Here’s some photos taken during the event:






Here’s a link to the full photo album with lots of pictures from the event: