October First Sunday of the Month Meetup

We had another great monthly meetup today in Cocoa Beach for the Space Coast EV Drivers.  This month we had our meeting at the Courtyard Marriott in Cocoa Beach.  What makes this location special is that we were actually invited by Maria Sheldon, the Director of Sales and Marketing.  She heard about our group on WFIT a few weeks back and wanted to let us know about the brand new charging stations they recently installed at both the Courtyard and the next door Hampton Inn.   The charging spots are near the entry for the Hampton Inn so make sure to go right at the fork when you turn in from A1A.  The Hampton’s charger is on the right side of the parking lot near the handicap spaces near the front door and the Courtyard’s charging spot is on the left just after you pass under the front door unloading area.  In each spot they have a single pole with a 110v outlet, a Clipper Creek HCS-40 J1772, and a Tesla HPWC for the Model S/X.  We plugged in to the 110v with one of our portable chargers and used each of the J1772 plugs with no problem.  They immediately started charging the cars and are completely free to use.  Just make sure to stop in the bistro near the front of the Courtyard for a coffee, soda, or snack or lunch.  For our meeting we told them how many we expected and they reserved a large table for us.  That was very nice!  We all ordered some food like salads, sandwiches, and a very delicious gumbo.  Many of us agreed we’d come back for lunch on our own from now on.  We made sure to thank them for inviting us and letting us test the chargers for them.  We also took the time to explain how the charging stations are what brings in our business as EV owners.  The investment in the charging stations are already paying dividends!  So now we will make sure to put the Courtyard Marriott Bistro as one of the places we will rotate through for our monthly meet ups.

We also introduced our newest members at the meeting, Bob and Gina Jacobson.  They are the proud owners of a Tesla Model S.  This makes the 4th Model S to join the group and we’re looking forward to many more!  As of today here’s what our membership numbers look like:

Total EVs:
Total Members:
EV Models:
RAV 4 EV 2
Nissan Leaf 9
Mitsubishi iMiEV 1
Ford Fusion Energi 1
Chevy Volt 11
Ford Focus EV 2
Tesla Roadster 1
Tesla Model S 4
Ford CMax Energi 2
Plug in Prius 1
BMW i3 1