November Monthly Meeting Wrap Up

We had another great meet up for the first Sunday of the month in November.  This month we met at the charging station at Kohl’s in Palm Bay then grabbed a table (and another table) at the nearby Panera Bread to talk and eat.  We added three new members to the list that drive two Nissan Leafs and a Ford Focus EV.  Josh showed the swag that GM sent him for the good reviews and comments left on the survey from the new 2015 Volt, then went over the details for the upcoming two events in one day!  The first event was the morning event at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary then the EcoLiving Jubilee at the Kiwanis Island in Merritt Island for the afternoon, with a one hour overlap.  They only had room for two cars at the first event, then plenty of room for several cars at the second one.  We determined who would bring the tent, banner, chairs, and table to each event then talked about how we’d be skipping the first Sunday of the month meet ups in December, January, and February because of the holidays and the hectic schedules these cause with travel to family and friends, etc.  At the end of the meeting we got one of the workers at Panera Bread to take our picture.  We’ll see you at the upcoming events!

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FIT Homecoming Parade Fun!

On Saturday Oct 26th we had six electric vehicles in the FIT homecoming parade.  We had a great spot up near the front and after a special request we were put in front of the MG club so we didn’t have to “breathe their fumes”!  We realized about two minutes into it that it was going slow enough where two people could have walked in front of our line of cars with our banner.  It’s too bad we had already hung up the banner at our tent in the tailgating area at the end of the parade first thing that morning. But now we know!

Space Coast EV Drivers Tent
Five of Six EVs lined up for the car show.
EV Car Show

After the parade we parked our cars next to each other in a line near our tent and table as usual.  We had about 20-30 people come up to ask questions, sit in, and look at our cars.  As usual most of the  people learned the facts and challenged what they thought they knew about EVs. Some of the attendees let us know they would now consider buying one!  Education and proliferation of EVs are two of the main reasons why we do these events so we call this one a success.

Chevy Volt operating cost numbers
EV Driving facts and numbers

Here’s some pictures from the event and we are looking forward to the next events in November so we can show our EVs to even more people in the community and answer their questions with our real-world experience from driving these electric cars every day.