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Space Coast Motor Officers Car Truck Motorcycle and Craft Show


We were invited to the Space Coast Motor Officers Car, Truck, Motorcycle and Craft Show supporting the Special Olympics of Florida.  This year the show was held at the American Muscle Car Museum located just south of the Melbourne Greyhound Park off of Sarno Road.  We were very surprised to see the solar panels all over the place.  We agreed there had to be enough to generate more than what the museum uses.  We were even more surprised to see the charging stations in the parking lot for electric cars!20170204_110316

There was one station on each side of the front door and each station had two plugs for a total of four charging spots.  They were absolutely free to use since the power was coming from the solar panels.  There was no card swipe or buttons to press on them at all.  Just plug in and start charging.  Easy!20170204_110425

We like to explain to everyone at our public Q&A events about some of our members having solar panels on their house they then use to charge their car.  We explain how they drove to today’s event on pure sunlight.  Now once you can plug into solar charging like this at the place you were going to (like the Muscle Car Museum) you can drive back home on pure sunlight too!  This is the “golden ticket” that needs to be spread around and installed at other places where you’d park for an hour anyway too: movie theaters, shopping malls, and everywhere people work.20170204_112318

There were trophies for the best in show, best car, best truck, etc.  And proceeds from registration fees went to the Special Olympics of Florida.  A very worthy charity!20170204_125113

There were several rows of show cars from almost every era.  There was even a British car from the 1930’s with right hand drive!  Check out the full photo album at the link below to see it!20170204_125157

There were several booths set up from local crafters where you could buy things like hand made purses, scarves, and jewelry among other things.  We had our table and tent set up like normal to hand out informational sheets and business cards while answering questions from gearheads about electric drive trains.  They were very excited when we told them about the all electric Zombie 222.  Made at Bloodshed Motors in Austin Texas (bloodshedmotors.com), it’s a 1968 Mustang Fastback with all of the drive components removed and replaced with batteries, controllers, and two very large DC motors.  It can do 0-60 MPH in 1.79 seconds!

We had a great time there and even got a great idea to check and see if we could have our Drive Electric Week event here.  It makes a lot of sense because there’s plenty of room and they have solar powered charging stations to show to everyone!20170204_125303

Remember to check our upcoming events page to see where we’ll be next and come out to ask your questions about driving electric!

Here’s a link to the FULL ALBUM with tons more pictures of individual cars from the show as well as a few surprising cars: https://goo.gl/photos/jwmMRiyXWjkaNAEn7



Family Christmas Extravaganza

We were invited to bring our cars out to the Family Christmas Extravaganza held at the Palm Bay Regional Park on December 17th.  There were thousands of people there to enjoy all the free activities like bounce houses and slides, petting zoo, horse rides, free food, as well as checking out the fire trucks, police mobile command center and fire safety training trailer.  Hundreds of people came by our area to check out the electric cars and ask us tons of great questions.  And since we drive these cars every day we had plenty of answers and then some!  One person even brought their personal electric unicycle.  It still counts as an EV!


Here’s a few more photos from the event:

20161217_103709 20161217_103727 20161217_105322 20161217_115314 20161217_122833

Here’s a link to the full photo and video album:



Ocean Reef Beach Festival 2016

We were invited to bring our electric cars out to the Ocean Reef Beach (ORB) Festival again this year.  We had one of our most interesting looking cars park at the SemaConnect charging station at the main event area at Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Beach:


Then we had the other cars park on the corner of the overflow parking lot at Desoto and A1A just like last year:

20161203_141301 20161203_163914 20161203_141127 20161203_164009

Some cars came in at the beginning and then left after others came in later to park in their spot. We talked to at least 100 people just at the overflow lot and many hundred more at the main event.  Lots of people learned about electric cars today!  We even gave a test ride in one our Chevy Volts.  And once again their mind was forever changed after driving it.  They admitted to wanting to get an electric car for their next vehicle.

The weather couldn’t have been nicer and we had some really nice clouds to keep the direct sun off of our heads.  It made for a pretty spectacular day and we look forward to next year’s ORB.

Keep a lookout on our Upcoming Events page to see when our next event will be so you can come out and take a look at and even sit in and ask questions about our electric cars.

Here’s the album full of all the pictures from the event:


Space Coast Veg Fest 2016

We had a great turnout of EVs at this Sunday’s Space Coast Veg Fest.  There were two of each kind: 2 Chevy Volts, 2 Nissan Leafs, and 2 Tesla Model S cars to show a good difference in the available makes and models.  We had to explain how there are so many different ones from nearly all the manufacturers that it almost requires a visit to one of our events to have one or more of our members to explain all the differences in range, range extenders, size, number of seats, charging capabilities, etc.  Everyone that visited our tent had the same questions on how much they cost, how far do they go on a charge, how long does it take to charge them, and the very popular “how much does it cost to replace the batteries.”  Thanks to our patron saint of Chevy Volts, Erick Belmer, I was able to explain every time that the Volt’s battery pack is good for AT LEAST 350,000 miles!  Most gas cars need to be rebuilt by that time in some capacity.  We are starting to think the rest of the car will fall apart around the battery and electric motor since they are so well taken care of by the car’s charging and temperature (liquid coolant) management system.  And electric motors have just the one moving part so there’s nothing to maintain or fix or replace like all of the many replacement parts and tune ups required to keep a gasoline engine running smoothly.  We changed a lot of people’s perspectives on driving electric and might have even made a few converts after today’s event – which is right in line with our mission to make sure the public understands as much as possible about driving electric!




Here’s the full photo album:  https://goo.gl/photos/pd3DprXfSGypYupy7

West Melbourne Heritage Day 2016


West Melbourne welcomed us to join in the fall festival celebration honoring our veterans and Thanksgiving. They graciously set aside a large area for our electric cars. Today we were able to show off many cars including Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt. The stars of the show were, again, the BMW i8 and the Tesla Model X.

img_20161112_124357The BMW i8 has a distinctive look that’s hard to miss. Later in the day many people were amazed by Tesla Model X parking itself with no driver inside.

Most people were surprised at how practical electric cars are. Those that were aware of electric cars were still surprised at how affordable they can be. On the one side, the Nissan Leaf with 84 miles of range can now be purchased for under $10k pre-owned. On the other end, the luxurious high-performance Tesla Model X and BMW i8. And in the middle, the Chevy Volt and pre-owned  Model S offering a balance between price and performance.

Check out the full photo gallery from the event.


Satellite Beach Founders Day 2016

We were invited to participate with our personal electric vehicles again this year at the Satellite Beach Founders Day parade and event.  In the parade we had a few EVs including our newest member’s BMW i8.  Needless to say, that car got the most oohs and ahhs as it drove by the spectators.  Before,  during, and after the parade we had our table set up at the David R Schechter Center and several electric cars on display for everyone to see and compare and ask all the questions they wanted.  Everyone that spoke to us and had their questions answered thanked us for the quick “EV Education”.  Many people commented that they didn’t know there were electric cars like the Chevy Volt and Ford Fusion Energi that have a gasoline generator under the hood that automatically starts after the battery runs out.  Of course the biggest attraction was the Tesla Model X with its falcon wing doors open.  Almost everyone agreed that it should be able to fly.  Keep checking our upcoming events page to see where we’ll be set up next and bring your electric vehicle questions!

20161105_132509 20161105_132520

Here’s a link to the full album:  https://goo.gl/photos/qw8EDyraUAv7Z2YN6

West Melbourne Library – Truck or Treat Event

The West Melbourne Library invited us to bring a few EVs to this event to show off along with the big trucks like buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, armored police trucks, and give out candy to the kids in costume.  It turned out really well and for some of the younger kids it was a bit of Halloween “practice” for saying “trick or treat” and “thank you!”.   While giving out chocolates and lollipops to the kids we also gave out information to the adults about electric cars.  There were lots of those that still thought the Chevy Volt was electric only and didn’t know it had the gasoline backup generator.  Most of the complaints were that EVs were too small.  They want SUV and Van sized EVs to carry around their 3-7 children and friends.  So if you’re reading this and you can help get the message to the manufacturers please make sure they know to start putting the Voltec drive train into SUVs and Vans.  The plug in hybrid Chrysler Pacifica is EXACTLY what they are looking for.  It was a fun event and we’ll look forward to going again next year.

Full photo album here:  https://goo.gl/photos/P6KLjvUGYiKYyLy2620161015_095648 20161015_095653 20161015_095718 20161015_095803


National Drive Electric Week 2016 is this Saturday!

Make sure to sign up to attend the big, annual electric car show happening this Saturday, September 17th from 10 am – 4 pm at the Schechter Center in Satellite Beach.  All the info you need and the button/form to sign up to attend can be found here:


This event is happening nation wide (and some places all over the world!) this week in various cities.  Each event is led by a city captain that gets all the local EV drivers to share their personal electric vehicles with the public for rides or test drives.  The main idea is to get people to see the benefits of driving electric and have their questions answered by real people that drive EVs every day.  This is much better than talking to sales people in our opinion and makes it more comfortable to ask questions in a non-sales environment.  There will be dealers at the event just in case anyone wants to switch to an electric car after taking a test ride or drive!

We will also be raffling a gift card to Longhorn, a Chevy Volt branded duffle bag, a Chevy Volt branded USB hub with memory card reader, and other things!

We’ll also have food trucks available for refreshments and an air conditioned room with tables and chairs for eating.

There will be solar power installers on site as well to answer all your questions about costs and tax breaks on getting panels installed on your house.  Then you can charge your car with your solar panels and drive around on pure sunlight!

Here’s some videos we made from last year’s event to give you an idea of what to expect:

So if you want to take a ride in a Tesla or kick the tires on a Chevy Volt, come by this Saturday and check out the electric cars!  Don’t forget to sign up to attend here:



June 2016 Monthly EV Meetup

Today we met at the Florida Institute of Technology Panther Dining Hall. Members used both the old charging station under the parking garage and the new charging station at the Harris Student Design Center while we ate lunch and talked about upcoming meetings and all things EV. Here are the notes from the meeting:

Upcoming events:

EV Presentation at Advent Lutheran Church
David Jahn, one of our Leaf driving members is giving an electric vehicle presentation to the men’s group at the Advent Lutheran Church 7550 N Wickham Rd on Saturday, June 18 from 9-10:30 am. He wants us to bring as many different EV models as we can to be a part of the show n tell portion of the presentation. Let me know if you can make it to this event. Look for the calendar entry so you can click Yes, No or Maybe to RSVP as showing your vehicle and this will add it to your calendar.

EV Presentation at Marine Resources Council Lagoon House
We were invited to give a presentation on EVs at the Lagoon House on Thursday July 7 from 10 am – 12 pm. It is in the middle of a work day so we don’t expect too many people will be able to make it but if you can it will help show them just how many different options there are out there. Again, watch for the calendar entry for this event so you can click Yes, No, or Maybe to RSVP.

Other Notes:

We took a vote and was nearly unanimous that FPL is not invited to National Drive Electric Week in September unless they revoke their support for the anti-solar initiative they are pushing. This shouldn’t be an issue as we are planning to take a different approach to NDEW this year with a “tailgate” festival that’s more for showing our force, family fun, and really getting people to talk to the drivers and owners of EVs and showing off our cars. Brenna is working on planning that event while wrapping up her MPA degree at Florida Tech, currently in her third to last class!

More information on the solar power issues:
And here’s more information about the other initiative that’s made to sound like it’s in our best interest but actually in the utilities’ and shareholders’ best interest:

One of our members was asking for more information about the Workplace Charging Challenge to give info to the bosses at their workplace so they will be encouraged to install charging stations for employees.
Here is the official Department of Energy website chock full of the info needed:

We had special guests that brought a book and some 3D printed models of the super efficient Acabion car and bounced the idea off of our group. More information about this car can be found in this review from gizmag: http://www.gizmag.com/acabion-da-vinci/33604/

Inline image 6
We also added a new member that drives a 100% electric Zero S motorcycle.  That’s our first electric motorcycle in the group! More information on the Zero S and their other electric motorcycles can be found on their website here: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com.  Here’s what a Zero S looks like:
Here are some photos we took showing how our group is growing so big that we now span multiple tables!
Inline image 2Inline image 1Inline image 5Inline image 4Inline image 3

Honor Flight Car Show Recap

One of the biggest car shows of the year was had again this year in Indialantic on May 28 but this time at the Holy Name of Jesus church and we brought an electric car and our tent to answer questions about driving on electricity.  This car show is put on by the Classic Car Reflections car club and all proceeds from entry fees from each car go towards the Honor Flight charity.  This charity pays for the whole trip for veterans to go see the memorial that was built for them in Washington DC.  So it makes perfect sense for this show to be held on Memorial Day weekend!  There were well over 200 cars, trucks, and bikes and the weather was very close to perfect.  It made for a great day to check out all the cars and trucks and bikes from the very classic up through the futuristic like the hubless, electric motorcycle that was brought by the Brevard Sheriff’s Department.  As always, keep an eye on our upcoming events page to find us at the next public event and check out our personal electric cars and ask us anything about driving on electrons.

image image(1)